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Magnoila stellata Magnoila stellata
Magnolia stellata.   One of the smallest magnolias sometimes called the star magnolia which in spring is cover…
Acacia delbata "Purpurea" Acacia delbata "Purpurea"
Rarely available this Acacia with the most wonderful purple ferny foliage and yellow flowers!!  This is a stunnin…
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Acacia pravissima Acacia pravissima
Small tree, slender drooping branches, foliage has a blue tinge. Sprays of golden yellow flowers. Probably the hardiest …
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Acer davidii. (Pere Davidís Maple) Acer davidii. (Pere Davidís Maple)
  Snake bark which makes a small tree with striated green and white bark. The young shoots and new foliage are bri…
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Acer capillipes. (Red Snake Bark Maple) AGM Acer capillipes. (Red Snake Bark Maple) AGM
Native to mountainous regions of Japan the bark of this small Snake bark maple is striped green with a touch of oran…
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Acer palmatum ssp palmatum. Acer palmatum ssp palmatum.
A sub species of Acer palmatum which produces plants with very small leaves emerging in spring bright lime green.  …
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Betula ermanii ìPendulaî Betula ermanii ìPendulaî
This tree makes a small upright tree but the foliage is pendulous . The bark is an exceptional white.     …
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Callistemon linearis. Callistemon linearis.
One of the hardiest. Fine dark evergreen foliage and bright scarlet bottle brush flowers. …
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Eucalyptus archeri. (Alpine Cider Gum) Eucalyptus archeri. (Alpine Cider Gum)
Small shrubby tree from Tasmania , bright pink turning blue juvenile foliage. Small adult foliage. Good for coppicin…
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Eucalyptus citriodora. (Lemon Scented Gum) Eucalyptus citriodora. (Lemon Scented Gum)
This Eucalyptus needs a sheltered spot if grown outside outside but will grow well as a conservatory plant. Foliage has …
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