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brought to you by Andrew Norfield (Chelsea Gold medallists 2001-2005)


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Cupressus macrocarpa žYellow FormÓ Cupressus macrocarpa žYellow FormÓ
Monterey Cypress Cypruss confined in the wild to two small populations in California. Very tough tree. Form w…
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Leptospermum scoparium žDouble Dark PinkÓ Leptospermum scoparium žDouble Dark PinkÓ
Leptospermum scoparium “Double Dark Pink” No 2090 Packet £1.10 Large neat crimson double …
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Olearia traversii Olearia traversii
Fast growing species with dark evergreen foliage . Producing masses of small white flowers.…
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Physocarpus opulifolius žDarts GoldÓ Physocarpus opulifolius žDarts GoldÓ
Related to the Spiraea 's this easy going deciduous shrub is great for lightening up a garden with its bri…
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Pseudolarix amabilis. žGolden LarchÓ Pseudolarix amabilis. žGolden LarchÓ
Rare Chinese deciduous conifer . Branches covered in small whorls of bright green foliage which turn a wonderf…
Rhododendron yunnanensis Rhododendron yunnanensis
Small semi deciduous Chinese species pink funnel shaped flowers marked with darker spots.…
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Sorbus sargentii Sorbus sargentii
Stunning bright red fruits. Dark green elegant fern like foliage turns brilliant red and crimson in autumn.…
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Zanthoxylum coreanum, žKorean Lime Tree Zanthoxylum coreanum, žKorean Lime Tree
Very large attractive fern like leaves . Small white flowers . Resin found in the bark is a powerful stimulant…
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Acanthus mollis. Acanthus mollis.
Large herbaceous plant attractive glossy foliage, tall spikes of purple flushed white flowers in summer. …
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Agapanthus žBlue hazeÓ Agapanthus žBlue hazeÓ
Very hardy small deciduous selection masses of bright blue flowers from neat short leaves.…
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