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Japanese Maples

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Acer palmatum žSunsetÓ Acer palmatum žSunsetÓ
Very good strong red palmatum with deeply cut dark red foliage colouring well in autumn .      …
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Acer palmatum žTrompenburgÓ. Acer palmatum žTrompenburgÓ.
Strong growing dark red leaved cultivar. Seed gives a good range of colours and produces the most unique range of seedli…
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Acer palmatum žYugureÓ. Acer palmatum žYugureÓ.
Leaves are large, deeply cut and serrate with a strange mixture of colours. The leaves emerge reddish brown later greeni…
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Acer palmatum žBeni shichi hengeÓ. Acer palmatum žBeni shichi hengeÓ.
Small maple with delicately white and pink variegated foliage. A narrow upright shrub with very small foliage closely br…
Hamamelis mollis ÓPallidaÓ. (Chinese Witch Hazel) Hamamelis mollis ÓPallidaÓ. (Chinese Witch Hazel)
Seed from this well-known winter flowering shrub with large light yellow spider like flowers with a strong scent in late…
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Acer buergerianum  "Trident Maple" Acer buergerianum "Trident Maple"
Small tree with slightly glossy small leathery three lobed leaves. Very easy growing, used for Bonsai. A good garden tre…
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Acer buergerianum  žNingpoense Acer buergerianum žNingpoense
Lovely cultivar with leathery three lobed leaves which are more deeply cut than the species and  the middle lobe di…
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Acer palmatum žStella RossaÓ Acer palmatum žStella RossaÓ
The red dissected foliage of this small maple is not as finely cut as some “Dissectums” making it grow mor…
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Acer palmatum žCrimson QueenÓ. Acer palmatum žCrimson QueenÓ.
The darkest red dissected palmatum keeping its colour throughout the year and forming a wonderful mound shaped plant. …
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Acer palmatum žDissectum ViridisÓ. AGM Acer palmatum žDissectum ViridisÓ. AGM
Seed from this stunning cultivar, which has lime green deeply, cut ferny foliage, orange yellow autumn colours. Makes …
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